Explore the Vinci 2023 Daily Planner - Page by page

Vinci's 2023 Daily Planner is a simple, clutter free daily planner to help keep you on track and stay mindful while getting the most out of your days. It is what we like to call "Essentials only".

So I'll be taking you through our 2023 Daily Planner to show how the planner can seamlessly fit into your life.

Our 2023 Daily Planner is divided into two 6 month journals; January to June and July to December. We have done this to ensure the planner does not too bulky or hard to use. 

Both planners are hardcover A5 with around 250 pages each; they have 2 ribbon bookmarks & a back pocket! 

Let's dive into the individual pages right from the start:

  1. Journal belongs to you!

Here you can add your name, photos, doodles, artwork, stickers or anything you'd like to make it truly yours. 

2. Note from Team Vinci and Calendar for 6 months!

Since this planner means a lot to us, we've written a little note to thank you for letting us be a part of your journey! And of course, we have a snapshot of the upcoming 6 months for a quick glance whenever you need it.

3. Year in Pixels & Monthly Cover

Personally, my favourite page is the Year in Pixels. Here's how it works:

    • You prepare a key! You can assign different colours or doodles different values. For example, in my planner Yellow stands for a great day (since yellow is my favourite colour) and Blue stands for a difficult day. 
    • Start filling in your grid every day. You can do this at the beginning or the end of the day to really help you reflect on how your day was. 
    • After a few days, you'll see a beautiful snapshot of your days. You can feel proud of yourself for getting through difficult days and be grateful for all the lovely days and memories.
And then we have the pride of our planners: Monthly Covers!
We have worked with 12 extremely talented, independent artists to help create gorgeous monthly covers to inspire you each month! Our planner would not be complete without the artworks or the artists that have created them.

4. Monthly Overview

Next up, we have the monthly overview! Here you can write details of what your month looks like! You can mark off important dates, things to remember, and just have an idea of what your month looks like.

5. Monthly Goals & Budget Page

Monthly Goals gives you the space to be as creative as you want. You can make sure your goals are always there when you need motivation! You can create layouts, grids, tables, doodles or basically anything you'd like.
And then we have an extremely important part of each month : The Budget Page. Setting a budget at the beginning of the month will help you stick to your financial goals & have better control on your spending.
This page has been a life saver for me since I can be a little bit of an impulsive shopper!

6. Habit Trackers & Weekly Overviews

We all have habits that we want to stick to but somehow always fall off the wagon and get demotivated. Habit trackers serve as reminders as well as motivators!
Habits I'm tracking in my planner: Meditation, Piano, Exercise & Journalling.
Weekly overviews are at the beginning of each week! They give you an overview to the week ahead. They start on Monday (unless it's at the beginning or ending of a month that does not start on Monday)

7. Daily Overviews

Saving the best for last, we have daily overviews! Every day has one dedicated page for it. The daily overview has space for your to do list, notes, goals for the day, as well as a dot grid section for smaller layouts or doodles you might want to create yourself.
Daily overviews are important to ensure each day goes by in a mindful and calm manner. It helps keep you focused. So you avoid being frustrated, frazzled or overwhelmed. 
That's our 2023 Daily Planner! It's simple, effective & beautiful. We hope you love it as much as we do.
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